Abdullah SCAA

            For the final project, I was partnered with Abdullah Alqasha. When we created our questions for checkpoint two, I was inspired by the answers he gave to the questions and decided that the most interesting manner to show off Abdullah’s work through my lens would be in the form of […]

Interactive Ancient Aliens SCAA

SCAA For Project 4 I decided to use a technology that I came about when doing research for different types of interactive software. Prezi, short for presentation, is similar to a PowerPoint in the fact that you can progress back and forth through the information; Prezi is different because it takes you through a fluid […]

Historical Wedding Crashing! SCAA

Historical Wedding Crashing! Project #3 October 11th 2013 For this assignment, I decided to put my spin on photo-shopping myself into historical pictures. I chose to go for a historical “wedding crashers” type of project, where I would superimpose myself into famous wedding scenes. Sometimes I would be a bystander, and in the case of […]