An Alien Angle

An Alien Angle Project #2 25 September 2013   The lens that I decided to put on this project mirrors the lens of my view in the fact that we are taking a new object and viewing it in a new light. The artifacts that I decided to use are designed in a way so […]

Human Artifacts

This “L” Ball is quite an interesting artifact we found in the human ruins. We formulate that it was used in a dim-witted human game where they take sticks and ram them into sphere-like objects with letters on them. This accounts for the scratches on the sides and near the “L”. The sponge-like material on the […]

Conor’s Blog

Conman’s Concepts Project #1 September 5th, 2013 I enjoy a good laugh. With all the serious issues going on in the world we see, it’s nice to take a mental break – at least for a moment before having to dive back into the chaos of everyday life. In my view, I want to intrigue […]

About Me

The name’s Conor Marsh. I was born in California and moved out to Virginia in middle school. After high school I spent a couple years going to school in DC and spent the last year working and taking classes at Northern Virginia community college.  As a fresh transfer student here at GMU I and am […]