Giorgio Tsoukalos Meme SCAA

  • Giorgio Tsoukalos Meme
  • Project # 5
  • 11/8/2013

For those who are not familiar with Giorgio Tsoukalos meme, check out the background on it here.

I decided to insert myself into the role of “the ancient alien theorist” for my meme because it fits into my lens of humor, and the unknown. It also ties in with a few of my projects, due to it’s alien and ancient alien nature.

When creating my work I researched some more photoshop tools as well as into the meme phenomenon. I also looked through funny ancient alien memes to gain inspiration to my header. People think that this guy thinks that the answer to every historical question is the notion that aliens did it – hence, I added an unanswerable question as the header, and then answered it simply as “Aliens”. The only source I used besides looking through other memes on google images was this template to create my work:

For the production process I used photoshop masks, the stamp tool, adjusting levels and warped different aspects of myself (especially the hair) before inserting myself into this well known meme. The part that excites me about the work is that I do have a semi-likeness to the original at first glance. What I would have done different next time would be getting a better picture to use where my face and hands were more similar to the original.


This was the first Ancient Aliens meme that I saw and probably one that inspired others to make it a trending meme. I do not know who the original creator of the meme is, but I think this says a lot about the anonymous nature of memes.


I chose to use my classmate Ryan’s meme as my student example because although our memes are not related at first thought, we both inserted ourselves into the meme. Not only did we do that, we embodied a meme character, his the well known, classic “meme face” and mine just based on a popular meme. 


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