Interactive Ancient Aliens SCAA


For Project 4 I decided to use a technology that I came about when doing research for different types of interactive software. Prezi, short for presentation, is similar to a PowerPoint in the fact that you can progress back and forth through the information; Prezi is different because it takes you through a fluid journey with the information and at any point the user can scroll through the entire canvas at their leisure.

In Interactive Ancient Aliens, I used the Prezi software to make an interesting interactive presentation. I fused elements from my last two projects to create the premise for project 4 – using the alien idea from An Alien Angle, and the going back in time idea from Historical Wedding Crashers. The Ancient Alien Theory is very fascinating to me and fits into my lens because of its paranormal, unusual nature.

The research I conducted for my project included a lot of trial and error while trying to learn the new technology of making a Prezi, It was pretty intuitive but was still new to me, so it took a little tinkering to make the final project. Other research was in looking up the basics of the Ancient Alien Theory, most of which came from watching the pilot episode from History Channel’s Ancient Aliens – and is covered in detail on my Prezi “Ancient Alien Theory.”

The production of the actual presentation was fun, and I’m excited about being able to work on different Prezi’s in the future. I think it will be new, out of the ordinary experience for some people clicking through the project. Something I am working on for next time is being better with time management and getting a head start earlier.

This article goes over the new phenomenon called crowdsourcing. Specifically it goes into detail on the company Kickstarter, where the public can see your idea, and choose whether or not they would like to help you get the company off the ground. There is now a new law that proposes the investor doesn’t get a simple gift like a CD, but rather a small share in the company which is a big deal. The reason my project ties in is because many of the companies on Kickstarter use the Prezi software to educate potential investors about their startup company. I think that this new public crowdsourcing is a great idea and can really help someone with a great idea to get some traction.


This is a screenshot from a piece of interactive art by Kit Webster called Enigmatica Mars. This is actually a video of the boxes seen above, but instead of a still image, she includes the elements of space, sound and light working together. The lights are displayed on the boxes and paired with sound and camera movements to really give the viewer an interactive experience, this inspires my work in the sense that one can interact with the Prezi instead of just looking at it, and it really adds different dimensions to the composition to make it more exciting and rewarding.



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