Historical Wedding Crashing! SCAA

Historical Wedding Crashing!

Project #3

October 11th 2013

For this assignment, I decided to put my spin on photo-shopping myself into historical pictures. I chose to go for a historical “wedding crashers” type of project, where I would superimpose myself into famous wedding scenes. Sometimes I would be a bystander, and in the case of Prince William and Kate Middleton, I adopted the role of Kate’s father. I feel that it fits into my lens because of the time-traveling aspect and of the innate humor (at least in my view) of seeing myself juxtaposed into these famous images

Research-wise, I looked up what some famous wedding were in history and picked a couple that I liked, some did not have pictures, or did not have suitable pictures to use that would work with my idea for this project. I learned about the historical significant of the Grace Kelly wedding and about the Godfather wedding which was based off the real wedding of Carlo Gambino’s daughter.

Picture sources:



Prince Henry


Grace Kelly


Wedding crashers


For the production of the work, I used a variety of different tools like resizing images, splicing pictures together, adjusting the layers, color balancing and using adjustment masks. I used photoshop to create the images and I enjoyed the comical aspect to my work. For a couple of them it was a little bit like “Where’s Waldo” where it wouldn’t be immediately apparent where I was in the picture.

hippy bus

I was very impressed with a lot of student’s work while surfing through their blogs, but I really could identify with Fresca Anc’s blog. It fit in with the same idea that I used, imposing oneself into a time and place where you had never visited in reality. I liked her use of costuming herself to match the Woodstock timeframe. This goes with the idea of doing as much as possible to spare extra work when it comes down to the actual photoshopping.


time travel

The arist, Flora Borsi was a big inspiration for my work because of her “time travel” photoshop pictures. In fact, this is what inpired me to do my historical wedding crashers idea in the first place. I love how she took the time to seamlessly integrate herself into history, and I tried to mimic how realistically she put herself into the compositions.




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