Human Artifacts


This “L” Ball is quite an interesting artifact we found in the human ruins. We formulate that it was used in a dim-witted human game where they take sticks and ram them into sphere-like objects with letters on them. This accounts for the scratches on the sides and near the “L”. The sponge-like material on the underside may have been a teething apparatus for the infantile humanoids to partake in, absent mothering figures. Appears to have seen heavy use.


We have reasoned that this earth relic is a depiction of a species of land animal due to it being a tetrapod and the presence of eyes along with a food consummation orifice. This statue was most likely a good luck charm carried by a humanoid in the habitat-painting profession. It was most likely a neutral color but the constant painting has stained the object in a non-purposeful manner, which explains the disorganized unfinished outer layer. The hole on the back was most certainly used to carry primitive brush-like painting devices.


Here we find another statue depicting the proportions of an average humanoid male. However, this male is adorning clothing that we only recovered on the remains of female beings. This leads us to hypothesis that it was carried by an asexual being, who wanted to fuse the two genders together to make himself feel more like a part of society. Most likely these were made by the “third” gender out of various metals and distributed between them as a weapon. This served as a means of defending against the majority of “normal” humanoids that discriminated against them. The device was held in the hand of the humanoid minority with the sharp screw protruding in between the four fingers and was probably used to stab at soft tissue areas like the sight orifices of threatening forces.


These two objects were recovered from what we postulate was a master hunter’s dwelling. These were unquestionably used by hunters to attack and take down the animals depicted on the handle of the crude carvings on the very tool. The human race used the carvings as a vision board, holding the model of the exact animal they desired to kill in their hand, which allowed them to envision holding the real animal in their hands – thus seeing the positive outcome before it happened; we have seen this in past visits on cave walls. The sharp tip was used to pierce the animal’s skin and a type of black or blue poison then seeps into the animal, paralyzing, then killing the prey. This is actually something quite ingenious from such an unintelligent species.


Here we find something of great craftsmanship and detail. This was used as a collection appliance for when the humanoids lose their first set of “teeth”. As we have found in our dissections, this species had an original set of teeth that falls out at an early age before reproducing their adult set. The parent generation would collect the teeth of the new generation and place them in such a jar due to a tradition that had to do with some type of fairy being. On the top half of the jar is a depiction of one of the human young, around the one-year-old age. The apparent “toothless” smile signifies that the teeth are inside the jar. Only the top class plebeian owned these jars according to our research.


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