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Conman’s Concepts
Project #1

September 5th, 2013

I enjoy a good laugh. With all the serious issues going on in the world we see, it’s nice to take a mental break – at least for a moment before having to dive back into the chaos of everyday life. In my view, I want to intrigue or bring a little light to someone with whimsical and humorous ideas, photoshoping elements together that wouldn’t normally fit – like jellyfish dancing on a starry sky, or a picture of my girlfriend and my own face on the historical figures of Bonnie and Clyde.

When creating this blog, I searched through various other blogs for inspiration, and I immediately liked the idea of having a picture as the background as opposed to just a color. I feel as though it makes it more visually appealing a fun for the user. One obstacle I ran into with having my jellyfish as the background was the tiling affect; originally I made one picture with some of the jellyfish half-way on the sides. I changed this so it appears more seamless with a seemingly endless sea of jellyfish in the night sky.  So far the only sources used are of my original creation.

It took me a while to figure out and choose what exact lens that I wanted adopt a my own, but once I decided to go the route of humor and the “mental break from the monotony” route I became excited to work on artwork to add. I’m more excited than disappointed because as of date I don’t have many pieces already done, but I do have a new clean media that I will be able to start posting my work.


This is a piece I found by photoshop artist Tiago Hoisel. I really enjoyed looking at the work up close with all the details put in; the artist said he spent over 40 hours making all the details come to life. This works into my lens because of it’s comical, lighthearted nature.

Here is another piece I found that I really like by Jerico Santander. I like how he incorporated the 3d qualities and worked with the metaphor that planets are alive. This also works its way into my lens because of the whimsical imagery in it.



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