Abdullah SCAA

            For the final project, I was partnered with Abdullah Alqasha. When we created our questions for checkpoint two, I was inspired by the answers he gave to the questions and decided that the most interesting manner to show off Abdullah’s work through my lens would be in the form of an interview. I used video to show the viewer what his motivations were when creating his work. I felt that his driving forces for creating his work would be shown more successfully using the actual voice of the artist; this aided in understanding his reasoning behind each piece.

            In the research process for creating the video, I took advantage of YouTube, and watched various tutorials explaining different tools in the program. I am still a beginner at video making, having minor experience with iMovie in the past, so it took a lot of time to figure out the workings of Final Cut Pro. For my video the sources I used were findsounds.com for all of the sound effects, and videzzy.com for all of the free stock footage. I took all of Abdullah’s pictures directly off his blog, and I used YouTube.com for all the video tutorials. I’m glad that I did do the research and learn some of the FCP tools because they will be valuable for future projects.

            For the production process, I conducted the interview using my iPhone’s microphone, which I found to be good enough sound quality, and emailed the mp3 to myself. I then edited the mess-ups and “Um’s” out of the interview using garage band. Next, I found all the stock video and sound effects as well as artwork from Abdullah’s project 3. After learning the basics of FCP, I pieced together and edited the movie together to the best of my ability. I found the movement of the pictures to be very exciting and added another element to the video that wasn’t there before; I enjoyed learning how to zoom in/out and pan across the pictures was greatly more visually entertaining than looking at a stationary photo. The part that frustrated me with FCP was that at first it was not obvious how to save my work, and it crashed a couple of times forcing me to lose progress which extended my work time unnecessarily, next time I will make sure the work is saved regularly.


Connected: An Autoblogography About Love, Death & Technology really inspired me in more ways than one. I enjoyed how it explained the dangers of population growth, the effect of technology on the planet, and the global economy, yet stayed optimistic for the future of earth and humanity – and connected it to her own personal narrative. It helped with my final project because of the way Tiffany Shlain presented scenes of her beloved father. I took note and tried to use the interview style and used the artist’s work with his actual voice behind the images in the video.


Another film about a new media artist that I felt inspiring and related to my project is Waste Land starring the artist Vik Muniz. In this documentary Vik Muniz, an artist who uses materials not usually linked with creation of art, went to the site of the largest trash dump in the world located in Brazil. He worked with the pickers to use recyclable materials to make portraits of the people working there. I took away from the film the message that art is everywhere and we just need to uncover it, as well as the message that doing something kind for someone goes a long way, and having those people work with him for a couple weeks ended up changing their lives forever. I tried to emulate the explanations he gave when looking at the significance of a piece of art in my work. Also, my video links to the portraits that Muniz created in the film, because my video is a portrait of Abdullah. 


Giorgio Tsoukalos Meme SCAA

  • Giorgio Tsoukalos Meme
  • Project # 5
  • 11/8/2013

For those who are not familiar with Giorgio Tsoukalos meme, check out the background on it here.


I decided to insert myself into the role of “the ancient alien theorist” for my meme because it fits into my lens of humor, and the unknown. It also ties in with a few of my projects, due to it’s alien and ancient alien nature.

When creating my work I researched some more photoshop tools as well as into the meme phenomenon. I also looked through funny ancient alien memes to gain inspiration to my header. People think that this guy thinks that the answer to every historical question is the notion that aliens did it – hence, I added an unanswerable question as the header, and then answered it simply as “Aliens”. The only source I used besides looking through other memes on google images was this template to create my work: http://i.imgflip.com/26am.jpg.

For the production process I used photoshop masks, the stamp tool, adjusting levels and warped different aspects of myself (especially the hair) before inserting myself into this well known meme. The part that excites me about the work is that I do have a semi-likeness to the original at first glance. What I would have done different next time would be getting a better picture to use where my face and hands were more similar to the original.



This was the first Ancient Aliens meme that I saw and probably one that inspired others to make it a trending meme. I do not know who the original creator of the meme is, but I think this says a lot about the anonymous nature of memes.


I chose to use my classmate Ryan’s meme as my student example because although our memes are not related at first thought, we both inserted ourselves into the meme. Not only did we do that, we embodied a meme character, his the well known, classic “meme face” and mine just based on a popular meme. 

Interactive Ancient Aliens SCAA


For Project 4 I decided to use a technology that I came about when doing research for different types of interactive software. Prezi, short for presentation, is similar to a PowerPoint in the fact that you can progress back and forth through the information; Prezi is different because it takes you through a fluid journey with the information and at any point the user can scroll through the entire canvas at their leisure.

In Interactive Ancient Aliens, I used the Prezi software to make an interesting interactive presentation. I fused elements from my last two projects to create the premise for project 4 – using the alien idea from An Alien Angle, and the going back in time idea from Historical Wedding Crashers. The Ancient Alien Theory is very fascinating to me and fits into my lens because of its paranormal, unusual nature.

The research I conducted for my project included a lot of trial and error while trying to learn the new technology of making a Prezi, It was pretty intuitive but was still new to me, so it took a little tinkering to make the final project. Other research was in looking up the basics of the Ancient Alien Theory, most of which came from watching the pilot episode from History Channel’s Ancient Aliens – and is covered in detail on my Prezi “Ancient Alien Theory.”

The production of the actual presentation was fun, and I’m excited about being able to work on different Prezi’s in the future. I think it will be new, out of the ordinary experience for some people clicking through the project. Something I am working on for next time is being better with time management and getting a head start earlier.


This article goes over the new phenomenon called crowdsourcing. Specifically it goes into detail on the company Kickstarter, where the public can see your idea, and choose whether or not they would like to help you get the company off the ground. There is now a new law that proposes the investor doesn’t get a simple gift like a CD, but rather a small share in the company which is a big deal. The reason my project ties in is because many of the companies on Kickstarter use the Prezi software to educate potential investors about their startup company. I think that this new public crowdsourcing is a great idea and can really help someone with a great idea to get some traction.


This is a screenshot from a piece of interactive art by Kit Webster called Enigmatica Mars. This is actually a video of the boxes seen above, but instead of a still image, she includes the elements of space, sound and light working together. The lights are displayed on the boxes and paired with sound and camera movements to really give the viewer an interactive experience, this inspires my work in the sense that one can interact with the Prezi instead of just looking at it, and it really adds different dimensions to the composition to make it more exciting and rewarding.


Historical Wedding Crashing! SCAA

Historical Wedding Crashing!

Project #3

October 11th 2013

For this assignment, I decided to put my spin on photo-shopping myself into historical pictures. I chose to go for a historical “wedding crashers” type of project, where I would superimpose myself into famous wedding scenes. Sometimes I would be a bystander, and in the case of Prince William and Kate Middleton, I adopted the role of Kate’s father. I feel that it fits into my lens because of the time-traveling aspect and of the innate humor (at least in my view) of seeing myself juxtaposed into these famous images

Research-wise, I looked up what some famous wedding were in history and picked a couple that I liked, some did not have pictures, or did not have suitable pictures to use that would work with my idea for this project. I learned about the historical significant of the Grace Kelly wedding and about the Godfather wedding which was based off the real wedding of Carlo Gambino’s daughter.

Picture sources:



Prince Henry


Grace Kelly


Wedding crashers


For the production of the work, I used a variety of different tools like resizing images, splicing pictures together, adjusting the layers, color balancing and using adjustment masks. I used photoshop to create the images and I enjoyed the comical aspect to my work. For a couple of them it was a little bit like “Where’s Waldo” where it wouldn’t be immediately apparent where I was in the picture.

hippy bus

I was very impressed with a lot of student’s work while surfing through their blogs, but I really could identify with Fresca Anc’s blog. It fit in with the same idea that I used, imposing oneself into a time and place where you had never visited in reality. I liked her use of costuming herself to match the Woodstock timeframe. This goes with the idea of doing as much as possible to spare extra work when it comes down to the actual photoshopping.


time travel

The arist, Flora Borsi was a big inspiration for my work because of her “time travel” photoshop pictures. In fact, this is what inpired me to do my historical wedding crashers idea in the first place. I love how she took the time to seamlessly integrate herself into history, and I tried to mimic how realistically she put herself into the compositions.